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This Thanksgiving, Feast without the fuss! Relax and enjoy a Savory Thanksgiving Day Meal

Caddy's Cuisine and Catering will be happy to make your family a home cooked meal this holiday.
Call our Catering Experts for more details


*Let Us Prepare Your Traditional Thanksgiving Meal* 

**Made to Order**Fresh from Stratch**Family Recipes***
Pre order- Oven Roasted Turkeys, Pies, cakes
Full Course Meal Packages - Sides - Special Orders 

-Back again this year-
Help us help the environment - Bring in your own Casserole Dishes / Serving Bowls - Tupperware - Cake and Pies carriers - We will prepare your order in your personal dished - As our "Thank You" for this effort we will add one of our specialty items of your choice to your order. 


Available daily - 8am - 8pm Monday - Saturday

Breakfast - Lunch and More

"The Scrambler"

(most popular) - Serves 10

Scrambled eggs, bacon or sausage, Caddy's hash brown casserole
- southern style biscuits with sausage gravy-
(seasonal jelly) 

"Just Right" $34.95

(Service for 12)
Flavorful Frittata- 
A tasty Breakfast

Meat and Biscuites - $24.95

(Service for  10)
Tenderloin, Sausage, Steak or Chick

Fab French Toast $24.95

(Serves 8)
With Maple Syrup

Homemade Cinnamon Biscuits and Assorted Muffins - $21.95

(Serves 12)
With our Strawberry Jam

"Match Play" Platters - $49.95
(Choose 2-3) per platter (Serves10)

Sliders - (Roast Pork, Beef Patty or Chicken Salad)
Sausage Balls
BBQ Meatballs
Caddy's Cheese Ball
Fresh Fruit
Smoked Sausage
Or see "Box Lunch" Sandwich variety

The Box Lunch - $7.95 ea.
Choose one (for orders 10 or more - 5 ea min)

The Club
Ham and Swiss
Grilled Chicken Wrap
Chicken Salad Wrap
Turkey and Cheddar
(Served with Chips, Side, Brownine and Pickle Spear) 

Hot Entree's

**Seasonal Entree's**
Roasted Turkey - $59.95
(12-14 lb. avg) - (Serves 8 - 10)

Dressing and Gravy

"The Eagle" - $54.95

Grilled Ranch Flavored Bonless Chicken Breast

Caddy's Chopped Steak - $56.95
(Serves 10)

With Sauteed Mushrooms - Onions and Pepper Medley
(prepared well-done only)

Roast Pork - $54.95
(Serves 10)

With Caramelized Apples and Onion served with our our "Granny's Sweet and Sour" sauce

Caddy's Roast Beef with Gravy - $59.95
(Serves 10)

Caddy's Meat Loaf - $49.95
(Serves 10)

Caddy's House Lasagna - $49.95
(Serves 10)

Spaghetti with Meat Balls - $49.95
(Serves 10)

Sherried Beef Tips - $59.95
(Serves 10)

With Egg Noodles and Sherry mushroom gravy

Salads and Sides

"Getting to the Green" - $27.95
(Serves 10)

A Mix of Greens with tomato, cucumber, cheddar, croutons with choice of dressing
Add Grilled Chicken - $22.50

Strawberry Spinach Salad - $27.95
(Serves 10)

Fresh Spinach, tossed with our House Strawberry Vinaigrette- topped with Blue Cheese Crumbles - and sliced red onion

Caddy's Cornbread Salad - $25.00
(Serves 10)

Potato Salad - $15.00
(Serves 10)

Pasta Salad - $15.00
(Serves 10)

Deviled Eggs - $10.00

Cole Slaw - $14.00
(Serves 10)

"Mama's Macaroni and Cheese - $22.00
(Serves 10)

Caddy's Corn - $18.00
(Serves 10)

Broccoli Casserole - $25.00
(Serves 10)

Squash Casserole - $25.00
(Serves 10)

Sweet Potato Casserole - $28.00
(Serves 10)

black arrow - Up3.png

"Caddy's Specialties"

"Mom's Red Waldorlf Cake" - $55.00

The original "Red" cake -  3 layer - made from scratch with our cream cheese frosting 

"Mom's German Chocolate Cake" - $55.00

Old fashioned scratch cake in 3 layers - with our pecan coconut frosting

Italian Cream Cake - a Holiday Favorite - $50.00

3 layer made from scratch cake from using one of mom's most prized recipe's - with cream cheese frosting

Pumpkin Cheesecake - (Large) - $35.00

Another seaonal favorit ready for your table

(Ask about our one layer cake varieties - 9x13) - $25.00

"Lemon Lush" - 9 x 13 - $28.00

Caddy's Banana Pudding - $25.00
Serves 10

Homemade Sourdough Bread Loaf - $6.50

Old School Yeast Rolls - $6.00

Brownie Tray - $24.99
Serves 10

Fill out the link above and contact us for more information about catering.

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